In Minecraft, it is ideal to have certain types of objects to be able to fully enjoy the game and have a more enjoyable experience. One that is fundamental is the Loom. This is a block that allows standards to be applied to standards. In addition, it also has the particularity of serving as a work block for the villages. Looms come out naturally in different parts of a world. However, it is also possible to manufacture them using a crafting table, although not much knows how to do it. Therefore, in this article we will show everything in great detail.


Before starting the tutorial, it is first important to clarify the functions of this incredible object. And it is that if a loom is placed in any town on the map where you are playing, a villager can claim it as a job, thus changing his role in the game and becoming a «shepherd». In this way, any character within your Minecraft can have a job without problems.

If you have the loom in your inventory and right-click on it, you will see that a kind of interface will open. There, you will find three types of boxes with different functions. One is for setting a banner, one for tinting, and the last is for selecting and placing a pattern or design. If you have all three items in each option, you will be able to get a large number of new banner designs inside the loom.

                                                  How to craft a loom in Minecraft?


To manufacture (crafting) a loom, obviously the first thing you need is a crafting table. Then, you will have to get two units of treated wood, regardless of the type of tree it is, since the game does not usually differentiate them. In addition, also two units of thread of any color. The two objects are placed on the table and the loom will automatically come out. It is likely that the combination to manufacture does not work the first time, in that case, leave the crafting table, go back in and try one more time.

What versions of Minecraft is it compatible with?
This download is compatible with the following versions of Minecraft:

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