Minecraft is a magical world, now imagine being able to immerse yourself in it through virtual reality, where you will also be able to build, explore and fight with the strongest creatures, but this time you will love it because it will be from another perspective.


Imagine just facing the most horrifying creatures through the VR helmet, which will make your experience totally unforgettable, because its terrifying 3D audio will make you wrap much more. This time, Staxxcraft will tell you how you can enjoy the Minecraft VR or virtual reality experience.


Types of virtual reality systems available in Minecraft

Currently we have at our disposal three types of virtual reality systems so we will present them to you, below:

Craft Minecraft Oculus Rift

It is compatible with Minecraft thanks to its free update for Windows 10, where you are offered a series of functions, including creative mode, survival mode, multiplayer, and many more modes.


 Craft Minecraft Windows Mixed reality

It’s also free for Windows 10, and it comes with a lot of cool features, including the cross-platform option for gaming, and the multiplayer option.


⚔ Minecraft Gear VR

This version has absolutely all the functionalities of the game that are currently available, both for Xbox One, for mobile devices and even for Windows 10, and best of all, it is fully compatible with other platforms on other devices.


How to enjoy Minecraft VR

In order to make you totally comfortable while playing Minecraft in virtual reality, this system has a series of smart settings, so when you play for the first time, you will be able to select from a control scheme.

We must emphasize that, in order to enjoy this experience, a game controller with bluetooth is required, and the Gear VR glasses a Smartphone that is fully compatible.

Through VR control or also called classic control scheme, you will be able to alternate different functions individually through your options menu, pressing the menu button (on gamepad) or “back / back” (in Gear VR) .

At the same time:

  • With just the touch of a finger, you will be able to exit the mode, and continue your game on a split screen, through a simulated room, so that in this way you can rest without necessarily ceasing to play or exit the game.
  • The turn in VR or virtual reality, can allow much faster movements, allowing you to turn little by little, and best of all, your brain can adapt very quickly.
  • Improved controls, both walking, jumping and running, and it will feel extremely real, by using your head, you will be able to direct where you want your character to go in Minecraft.

You will have the possibility to alternate each of these functions, among other options, through the use of fully retouched Minecraft controls, in order to improve the VR or virtual reality gaming experience. In the same way, we leave you the official user manual, so you can see other options in terms of VR manageability in Minecraft.

VR Options Guide in Minecraft

What versions of Minecraft is it compatible with?
This download is compatible with the following versions of Minecraft: The latest in StaxxCraft:

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