You want to know everything about the Minecraft trident, because then you are in the right place because today we are going to talk about it. Since Minecraft version 1.13 you can create or repair Minecraft trident, which means you can always have the expected results.

With this weapon we can fight hand-to-hand or it can also be used for ranged combat. This will allow you to attack your enemies with this weapon as if it were a spear, allowing you to have a long-range weapon.


How to get a trident in Minecraft?


To begin with, you must bear in mind that this is not an object that can be crafted or created on your own, so if you planned to manufacture it, it will not be possible. In any case, to achieve this you must kill the drowned and wait for one of them to release a trident when they die.

You cannot collect the tridents that these characters throw, but you will have to get rid of them in order to get it. This is a weapon that you cannot get in any other way in the game.

What attacks can be made with the trident?

It is important to know how you can attack with the trident so that you can have good results. In any case, for melee attacks, just left click on the mouse, provided you have the trident in hand.

But if you want to launch the trident for an attack from afar, you must hold down the right click to load the bar. When you release the right click the trident will be cast, however the tridents you cast can be picked up by both you and other players.

The enchantments you can do

The trident is a weapon that you can make different types of enchantments, allowing you to use this weapon much more effectively. The enchantments you can make are:

  • Loyalty: this allows that when you launch your trident it is returned in seconds
  • Channeling: This enchantment will allow you to create that if you throw a trident into a storm, it will create a thunderbolt that will attack your enemies
  • Impaling – With the help of the trident, you can deal more damage to sea creatures. This will not do for the drowned
  • Unbreaking: with this enchantment you will improve the durability of your weapon
  • Mending: allows players to repair the trident with experience orbs
  • Curse of Vanishing: allows the trident to disappear when the player dies, thus preventing another player from taking it

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